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EMPIRE Galactic Civilizations PC

Galactic Civilizations, PC Games
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EMPIRE Galactic Civilizations PC
The year is 2178 and the galaxy is evolving at an alarming pace. Years ago, human scientists introduced a new technology, the Hyper-Drive, which vastly improved intersteller travel, but instead of forging closer bonds throughout the galaxy, communication between civilizations has ground to a halt. Colonization and a battle for supremacy have become the primary goals...
Players: 1
OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
CPU: 600 MHz (1 GHz Recommended)
CD/DVD Drive: 4x
Ram: 128 MB (256 Recommended)
Sound Card: Direct X 8.1 Compatible
Graphics Card: 8 MB VRAM (16 Recommended) Direct X 8.1 Compatible

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