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EMPIRE Starsky and Hutch PC

Starsky and Hutch, for PC CD-ROM
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EMPIRE Starsky and Hutch PC
Jump into the Zebrathree as the coolest undercover cops in town, and live the dream! Control the soft-spoken Hutch and the streetwise Starsky, to solve cases in the roughest neighbourhoods - and battle the Captain to fight crime in unconventional ways along the way. With the assistance of the irrepressibly hip Huggy Bear, get ready for a high-speed chase and catch the bad guys! The only game that truly captures the action and excitement of the hugely successful TV series . Over 25 square miles of free-roaming driving action in the actual city from the Starsky & Hutch TV series, meticulously reproduced in stunning detail. Addictive mission-based driving and shooting gameplay, incorporating a variety of control methods - steering wheel driving and lightgun shooting at the same time is possible - in either one or two player mode!

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