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Enlight Aurora Watching PC

Aurora Watching - PC Games
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Enlight Aurora Watching PC
Dropping red-hot action and ice cool stealth gameplay into the frozen wastelands of the Arctic, theres really no time to stop and gawp at the Northern Lights in AURORA WATCHING. A Russian submarine, the Komsomletz II, has unexpectedly sunk during manoeuvres on the Barents Sea and intelligence has established that the area the sub went down supports a suspicious military complex, the purpose of which is unknown. Only one person can establish just what the hell is going on and he goes by the name of White Fox. However, the fox who once saved the world has been drinking, hard, for two years. The gaming environment of AURORA WATCHING takes place across many locations in, under and around an iceberg, as well as in das boot itself. The game features two camera modes, designed for tactical planning and combat. Mini games, puzzles and high tech gadgets also gel the action and stealth sequences together and context sensitive music charges an electric atmosphere and delivers pace and urgency a

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