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Eon Crime Cities PC

Crime Cities - PC Games (Barcode EAN = 5060020460104).
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Eon Crime Cities PC
Crime Cities transports gamers to a futuristic world where law and order has long since been replaced by a wave of crime and terror.
But who is orchestrating it?
That is the question that the authorities desperately want to find the answer to and they can only see one way to get it--infiltration of the crime organisations known as the Synclides.
The Human Federation decides to frame one of its men, Garm Tiger, for treason and disobeying orders and sentences him to spend the rest of his days on one of the planet's prison cities. This is Garm's cover as he begins the most crucial mission of his life.
Once within the confines of the prison, Garm, alias Johnny Red, effectively becomes a gun for hire within this lawless society, exactly what the Human Federation had planned. At the start of the game he is equipped with a small yet highly manoeuvrable flying combat craft, plus a small amount of credits in his bank account.
In Crime Cities missions are offered to Garm via his Globenet computer and can be accepted or turned down at the player's discretion. Objectives include such activities as elimination of targets, search and rescue and bodyguard roles, with some of these having to be completed in a specific time.
The missions will originate from a number of sources--the underworld gangs, shady government organisations or simply a ruthless businessman who wants to eliminate a competitor. Accepting or declining missions will play a crucial part in the game's development--should you risk the hard-earned acceptance of one party by taking out its convoy for some quick cash or play it safe?
All of the action takes place from the flying craft as you dogfight your way through each city's myriad of skyscrapers. Correctly identifying targets as you fly through the dense traffic is critical, launch an attack on a neutral pilot by mistake and the police will soon be on your tail. And remember, they are unaware Garm is undercover and have orders to shoot to kill.
Successful completion of a mission results in various rewards such as money--with which you can upgrade your craft--special bonus weapons or armour and an improved standing within the criminal fraternity. This increased credibility will lead to better missions being offered and hence quicker movement up the criminal hierarchy and the eventual goal of uncovering the criminal mastermind.
Deathmatch fans are also well catered for, with Crime Cities allowing 16 players to go head to head across a LAN or via the Internet.

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