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FastTrack Dark Basic Bundle PC

Dark Basic Bundle (Includes DarkMatter & Riftspace) PC Game
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FastTrack Dark Basic Bundle PC
For the first time ever, the power of the PC and Microsofts game engine Direct X can now be controlled by everyday PC users. Its no longer the sole domain of the expert C programmer. Anyone with a PC can now make 3D objects move around the screen interacting with other game objects and taking live responses from the game players inputs. <b>DarkMATTER:</b> A collection of fully animated 3D models you can use, royalty-free in your own games. Models range from cars and jet fighters to soldiers, zombies, ammo packs and more. All fully textured and ready to drop into your games. <b>Riftspace:</b> In this award-winning game you can choose your role in true freeform gameplay spanning over 20 planetary systems, buy better ships, weapons, and even pilots as you manage a team of mercenaries. RiftSpace puts you in command and gives you the freedom to explore, trade, recruit, assign, negotiate, and battle for your success.

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