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FHI Call of Juarez PC

Call of Juarez - PC Game (Barcode EAN = 3512289011570).
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FHI Call of Juarez PC
Based on a pure western atmosphere, the game draws on the major themes of the American Wild West through the confrontation of two powerful and iconic characters.
Epic duels, train robbery, horseback riding across unending terrain, fights from horseback& All the ingredients of the best western movies are blended seamlessly together in Call of Juarez.
Choose to play as either one of two stimulating characters: Billy, a young fugitive accused of murder, or the merciless vigilante hunting him down, the Reverend Ray, an ex-outlaw who turned to religion, believing that God Himself has chosen Ray to be the instrument of His wrath.
Amidst the twists and turns of this absorbing psychological story aspect, players will also encounter a wide variety of gameplay features, with many differences between the stories of the characters.

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