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Focus Multimedia Fighter Squadron PC

Fighter Squadron - PC Games
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Focus Multimedia Fighter Squadron PC
* "Skinnable" aircraft allows you to create your own camouflage scheme or simply download user created schemes featuring famous squadron markings or famous aces aircraft.
* Take on 90 separate missions in 30 scenarios with advanced squadron AI; aggression, loyalty, morale, skill and sanity - even individual gunner positions react independently.
* Mission Editor - allows you to create your own missions to fly solo or multiplayer - allowing up to 16 players over the Internet.
* Jump from plane to plane during missions allowing you to command and control an entire strike or to co-ordinate a desperate aerial defence. Take up different crew positions such as bombardier, tail gunner, turret gunner or leave the plane to fly on
* autopilot.
* Superb terrain with rolling hills ideal for dogfighting.
* Create your pilots career with decorations and promotions.

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