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GMX media Alpha Black Zero PC

PC Games - Alpha Black Zero
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GMX media Alpha Black Zero PC
IIn the science-fiction future of Alpha Black Zero, the player becomes Lieutenant Kyle Hardlaw, commander of a squad of elite soldiers. The Alpha Black Zero team is a specialized military unit used to resolve political conflicts on rebellious planets. They are trained to live in extreme conditions and are capable of dealing with the most horrific combat situations. Each team-member can hold different weapons with different uses, and the player can choose a squad configuration that best suits both the level and players style. The player has to achieve a set of mission objectives by using the squad and available resources to solve the vast range of problems and situations he will encounter. What starts as a routine mission on a rebellious planet is quickly overshadowed by the appearance of an unexpected opponent. The player will have to use all the tactical insight and combat skills of Lieutenant Kyle Hardlaw and his Alpha Black Zero team to survive. The game-experience itself varies from high-paced co

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