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Greenstreet Sudoku Master PC

Sudoku Master - PC Game
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Greenstreet Sudoku Master PC
Su Doku Master is the latest version of the puzzle craze sweeping the nation. The rules are simple - each number from 1 to 9 should be used only once in each row, column and 3 by 3 square.
The puzzle is completed when there are no more unknown squares. Alternatively you can play using just symbols and tiles for a whole new twist. Each game has 3 difficulty levels - easy, intermediate and difficult, providing hours of challenging fun for all ages & ability levels!
Its fun. its challenging - its hard to put down!
- 3 difficultly levels.
- Play using Numbers or Symbols.
- Save and restart at any stage.
- Undo last move or go back to beginning.
- Su Doku Hints and Tips.
- Beat the Clock.
- Create your own puzzles.
- Extra Puzzles available online.
- Puzzle Solver.
- Play on your PC or Print and Play!

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