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GSP Dominant Species Adrenaline Range PC

Dominant Species: Adrenaline Range - PC Games
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GSP Dominant Species Adrenaline Range PC
Welcome to the world of Dominant Species! In this 3D strategy game, you take the role of a powerful alien intelligence, a Mindlord, engaged in a constant and deadly conflict with other hives on your home world, Mur. Your struggle is over the possession of Anima, the precious substance that sustains all life in your world. However, unwelcome visitors have arrived on Mur and threaten to upset the balance of conflict that has raged for countless millennia. Humans. Yuck. Using their ridiculous steel and plastic contraptions, these disgusting barbarians are attempting to take the priceless Anima and use it to create immortality drugs for themselves.
The stage is set, and an epic battle for survival of the fittest must surely ensue. You are one of the brightest of the Young Mindlords, and must pit your wits against the ape-like marauding aliens. Your task will not be easy, for you must succeed in driving humans from Mur by manipulating the strange and powerful biological force the Anima has over the native inhabitants. However, you must also protect your hive from other rival hives, who seek to gain control over both the humans and other hives and become ultimate rulers of the planet. Having proved yourself in the single player game, you may then test your skills against other live Mindlords in multi-player Internet games, developing complex tactics and strategies in order to triumph over the opposition and emerge as the dominant hive on the planet

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