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GSP War Trilogy PC

War Trilogy - PC Game
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GSP War Trilogy PC
3 War game pack!
3 War games classics - D-Day, Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps & Mockba to Berlin - That will see you fight your way to victory in these thrilling classics!
Make history as you command battalions through the most decisive battle of World War II. D-Day has arrived, the dawn of the Allied Forces final drive to Europes liberation. Plan your attack carefully and then engage enemy forces using authentic strategies, troops, weapons and vehicles. Its 3D real-time tactical actions on an epic scale!
Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps
Prepare for battle in the rugged desert landscape by selecting the right combination of units, combat vehicles and tactics. Stunning graphics and audio are constantly on display with real-time shadows, damage effects and explosions that contribute to the exhilarating atmosphere that only Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps can deliver!
Mockba to Berlin
Mockba to Berlin plunges you into the deadliest campaign of the Second Waorld War including: the siege of Stalingrad, the assault on Moscow, Leningrad, Sebastopol in the Crimea, Operation Citadelle, the taking of Berlin and much more.

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