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Hip Interactive Rebels PC

PC Games - Rebels
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Hip Interactive Rebels PC
This is a volatile world, where corruption and betrayal rule supreme. A megalomaniac dictator. The first rumblings of an uprising. The dictator, Friedrich, has denied his people all freedom and has imposed a personality cult. His secret police and a unit of his armed forces, the Elite Guards, are employed to enforce it. All opponents are systematically eliminated.
But the odious regime will soon face opposition from an unexpected quarter. Known as: Alliance of the Rebel Movements or A.R.M., this organization attracts followers determined to rise up against and destroy the infamous dictator. Just as they are about to stage a spectacular coup to thwart Friedrichs plans, the Rebels are captured and thrown into prisons scattered around the country.
There is only one way to re-unite your team and oust the tyrant; you must escape! Never lose sight of freedom!
Freedom will guide you. JOIN THE REBELS!

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