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Infogrames Uk Cluedo PC

Cluedo - PC Games
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Infogrames Uk Cluedo PC
Play detective and solve a dastardly crime in a brand new Cluedo mystery. There`s been a murder at Blackwell Grange and it`s up to you to crack the case! Whodunnit? Where? And with What?
See the famous characters come to life through stunning animations - from the antiquated Colonel Mustard to the luscious Miss Scarlett - she may woo you with her charms, but she`s still a prime suspect!
Search the rooms for clues, examine the weapons and discover the identity of the killer!
Classic Cluedo gameplay.
Stunning animations and chilling sound effects.
Beautifully rendered 3D characters from the board game.
Solo and multi-player modes.
Playable over LAN, modem-to-modem and the Internet.

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