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Infogrames Uk Dig Dug Deeper PC

Dig Dug Deeper, PC CD-ROM
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Infogrames Uk Dig Dug Deeper PC
Rediscover the sheer enjoyment and quick action that made arcades so popular. Based on one of the most unique games of all time, Dig Dug Deeper takes you deep underground where you dig tunnels in a search for buried goodies. Of course there are menacing monsters to avoid but by using your harpoon and your fast reflexes you can always advance to the next level. Whether it is played for three minutes or three hours, Dig Dug Deeper delivers a satisfying game experience every time.
Players: 1
OS: Windows 95/98/ME
CPU: 233 MHz
Ram: 32 MB
Disk Space: 100 MB
3D Graphics Card

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