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Jo Wood Cold Zero The Last Stand PC

Cold Zero: The Last Stand for PC
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Jo Wood Cold Zero The Last Stand PC
Bullets fly at you from all directions, but you steady your arm, take aim and shoot. Your victims fall to the ground in a blood-soaked heap. Dead, even before the gunsmoke disperses... You are an unpredictable and vicious man who has turned to a life of violence after being blackmailed by the Italian Mafia. You're forced to complete and survive 16 terrifying missions within the criminal underworld where grisly death and sadistic thugs lurk around every corner. There's nowhere for you to run as failing to accept missions will only result in your agonising death at the hands of the Mafia. Combining over 100 superb characters, more than 100 weapons, detailed 3D graphics and interactive environments, this is a true masterpiece in suspense and action. Are you brave enough to enter a world this violent?

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