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Jo Wood Freak Out PC

Freak Out - PC Game
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Jo Wood Freak Out PC
"Helicopter lifted to the summit, youre ready to live it hard and fast. From natures heights youre off to take the maximum free-ride in Freak Out. Only perfect track free white powder is in front of you so its time to show them what youre made of as you speed down the side of a mountain doing some of the craziest tricks ever known. Its free-ride so there are no rules to hold you back as you race, jump and slalom your way down. Freak Out Extreme Freeride is the extreme alpine skiing simulator letting you get off that beaten snow track and do what ever you want. Forget those starter slopes and the dreaded Snow-plough, youre going to virgin powder and the ultimate thrill ride down the side of a perfectly good mountain. Whichever game mode that you choose youll have to really prove that you are the King of the mountain, and thats King with a capital K, as youll jump almost a hundred feet down to ravines, shoot across snow covered canyons and slalom between pines and be able to brag about it at t

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