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Jo Wood Zax The Alien Hunter PC

Zax: The Alien Hunter, PC CD-ROM
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Jo Wood Zax The Alien Hunter PC
Zax: The Alien Hunter is an action adventure game combining fiendish puzzles, gripping battle, powerful enemies and a captivating plot. Zax is a merciless explorer on a solitary mission of wealth acquisition. On his search for bounty, Zaxs spaceship gets shot down and crashes onto a hostile planet. Zax is forced to navigate this inhospitable world to acquire the necessary resources to repair his ship and escape. But it is not as easy as Zax first anticipated as he rapidly becomes embroiled in an epic adventure of excitement, action and death.
Players: 1
OS: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT4
CPU: 233 MHz
Ram: 32 MB
Disk Space: 675 MB
Graphics Card

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