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Just Flight DC9-30 Professional PC

DC9-30 Professional (Flight Simulator Add-On) PC Games
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Just Flight DC9-30 Professional PC
Ever since its introduction in 1965, the DC-9 has proved hugely popular with passengers and crews. Even today it continues to ply the airways of the globe with a grace and reliability that is equalled by very few aircraft from this or any other era. Now this flying legend has been fully updated by the world-famous Flight One team and you can take it to the Flight Simulator 2004/2002 skies in 12 gorgeous liveries. Are you ready for a chance to fly by the seat of your pants? DC9-30 Pro comes with 12 different liveries ready-installed and another 7 Text-O-Matic liveries on the CD that you can install yourself using the software provided. Theres also a huge choice of extra Text-O-Matic liveries that you can download from the Internet.

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