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KidZone Reader Rabbit Year 1 & 2 PC

Reader Rabbit Year 1 & 2 for PC
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KidZone Reader Rabbit Year 1 & 2 PC
In Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics 1st & 2nd Grade, children build essential reading and comprehension skills in an integrated approach that involves explicit instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness, skill-building activities, and interactive storybooks. These three components work together, within the context of an engaging story adventure, to enable children to develop and practice essential reading skills and to become successful, independent readers.
Colorful characters present phonics concepts, such as word families and compound words, and illustrate their use in a delightful and entertaining manner. This instruction is followed up by a skill-building activity, which reinforces the concepts introduced and allows children to practice them in a fun and engaging environment. Upon successful completion of the activity, children are presented with an interactive storybook.

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