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KOCH Alexander The Heroes Hour PC

Alexander: The Heroes Hour - PC Games
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KOCH Alexander The Heroes Hour PC
Alexander - The Heroes Hour is a mission based RTS game with role-playing elements. The game recounts the deeds of Alexander the Great and his closest friends - the finest warriors of the Macedonian army. They are representing a special operations squad of several elite warriors which was given extremely difficult tasks that could not be solved by other military units of Alexanders army. Naturally, as this was just a small squad of warriors these tasks will contain a lot of subtlety, surprise and camouflage elements. The player has at his disposal unconquerable Greek fighter Erigiy, tireless blade master the Macedonian Gefestion, sly expert assassin Bess from East and sometimes even Alexander the Great himself. Each of those heroes have special skills and weapons, such as noiseless moves, fast bow shooting, super-high-speed in close fight, just to mention a few. The main goal of the game is to complete missions of state importance, such as the assassination of the enemys commander or famou

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