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KOCH Altitude Concorde PC

Altitude Concorde (Flight Simulator 2002 & 2004 Add-On) PC Games
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KOCH Altitude Concorde PC
This Concorde simulation proves to be the most realistic to date for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With contribution from a variety of Engineers, Flight Engineers, and Pilots, you will experience the sensation of flying the worldÂs only commercial supersonic airliner with the aid of comprehensive tutorials and checklists. This is your opportunity to fly Concorde! Utilising the latest technology, the external model comprises of details not seen before in Flight Simulator! Including fully animated systems with such details as animated nose/visor, landing gear, control surfaces, ram air turbine and even retractable landing lights! Soar through blue skies and observe the spectacular dynamic shine effects. Watch the aircraft come to life with custom effects such as vortices shimmering off the slender delta wing as well as realistic afterburners.

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