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KOCH KnightShift PC

Knight Shift - PC Games
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KOCH KnightShift PC
The tale of KNIGHTSHIFT is one of epic deeds. In the great palace courtrooms, the minstrels sing of the return of Great Prince John from his gallant battles to vanquish the forces of evil. The tale tells of imprisoned princesses, the slaying of ferocious dragons and of the Prince being generally heroic and just - as every good Prince should. The minstrels also sing about MILK. Yes the COW producing, bottled kind. KNIGHTSHIFT delivers churn loads of addictive game play, across a land of treachery and nobility - while never taking itself too seriously. Rewriting the fantasy gaming rulebook - KNIGHTSHIFT introduces players to a milk-based economy, flying witches and terrifying mother in laws! Set in a living, fully three-dimensional game environment, KNIGHTSHIFT bewitches the players PC with breathtaking graphics and effects. The unique combination of genre elements, matched with Python-esque humour creates a uniquely entertaining experience. The strategy section of the game consists of three

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