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Koch Media X2 The Threat PC

X2: The Threat - PC Games
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Koch Media X2 The Threat PC
The ultimate test of combat, tactical, navigation l & entrepreneurial skills, X2 The Threat is a space simulation of breathtaking depth & scope. Explore a vast, dynamic universe, populated with thousands of spacecraft, stations & satellites, each with their own intelligence & allegiances. Build a lucrative empire by acquiring factories & freighters with which you can manufacture & trade in a huge variety of different goods.
Defend your interests from aggressors by forming fleets of spacecraft, limited only by what you can afford. Fight gripping battles from the cockpit, bridge or the gunners seat or sit back safely out of the action & remotely issue detailed commands to your fleet. X2 The Threat encompasses an expertly woven plot, which seamlessly integrates with the open-ended game play. A trail of intriguing characters leads to the discovery of dark secrets within the X Universe as a sinister new threat to its very existence emerges. Can you marshal its salvation?

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