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KOCH World War II Panzer Claws II PC

World War II: Panzer Claws II (Formerly Frontline Attack & Fulcrum Europe)
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KOCH World War II Panzer Claws II PC
It is 1940 & all of France is occupied by the German army. French military forces have been decimated, their leaders routed, & the European mainland plunged into the hands of the Wehrmacht. Experience the heroic struggles of the French resistance who will not be oppressed by the enemy. Fight with inadequate means against an overpowering army of exceptionally equipped & trained soldiers. Lay traps, & plan ambushes. Capture & use heavily armed tanks & other German weapons, using them to your advantage. Cut off & interrupt enemy supply routes & help to increase the number & strength of the resistance to chase the unwelcome forces out of your land!

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