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KONAMI Shadow Of Memories PC

Shadow Of Memories (for PC)
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KONAMI Shadow Of Memories PC
Like Capcom, veteran Japanese game developer Konami has a reputation for blending its arcade-orientated output with more left field, ambitious fare. Shadow Of Memories definitely sits in the latter category. It's not every day that a 3D adventure comes along in which the hero must prevent his own imminent death.
The man in question is Eike Kusch, an innocent who no sooner appears on screen than he is stabbed and left to die. That may not sound like the most entertaining start to a video game, but Shadow Of Memories builds on this shocking opening with a plot in which Eike is given another chance to relive those final moments, attempting to avoid the same fate by making use of time travel. By hopping between different points in time it's possible to piece together clues. Furthermore, his actions can drastically alter recent history. The catch is that changing one or two elements aren't enough to avoid death. Fate has a way of catching up somehow, so to succeed our hero must do everything possible to make sure the murder could never possibly happen.
Fascinating, involving, and blessed with different endings (and countless different ways to reach them) that really ups the replay value, Shadow Of Memories is a real one of a kind

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