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KONAMI Yu-Gi-Oh Power Of Chao Kaiba The Revenge PC

Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Of Chao Kaiba The Revenge - PC Games
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KONAMI Yu-Gi-Oh Power Of Chao Kaiba The Revenge PC
The Revenge of Yu-Gi-Oh! is now on PC!
Stronger Spell and Trap Cards make dueling strategy even more crucial!
Get ready for more intense duels with a huge card selection! Bring the YU-GI-OH! TRADING CARD GAME to life on your PC with KAIBA THE REVENGE. Packed with hundreds of more powerful Spell Trap and Effect Monster Cards, these cards take strategic dueling to a whole new level!
Have you got what it takes to go head-to-head with Kaiba? Match your skills and wits against Kaiba and his powerfulDragon Deck with the Blue Eyes White Dragon of his Destruction Deck based around cards like the destructive Crush Card. You`ll feel like you`ve jumped into the animated series when Kaiba challenges you with the same voice you`ve heard on TV!
Take advantage of exciting extras if you also have `Yugi the Destiny`! Use cards and Deck data saved from `Yugi the Destiny`! Mix your old cards with hundreds of new ones and create the strongest Deck ever! But be careful - your changes might cause Kaiba to modify his Deck as well!
Includes Update for `Yugi the Destiny`! New version with improved battle judgement system and opponent AI! (Update in this pack is in English language only.)
3 Limited edition official game cards inside!

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