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Legacy Interactive Moon Tycoon PC

Moon Tycoon - PC Games
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Legacy Interactive Moon Tycoon PC
In Moon Tycoon, players take on the complex job of colonizing the hostile lunar landscape, where even the air the sim-citizens breathe is a potentially exhaustible resource. Players must establish and maintain the basic infrastructure to support human life, then begin to develop their colonies. Mining, residential, and tourist interests, demands, and benefits must be balanced in order for the colonies to succeed and grow.
Adding to the complexity, and consistent with the high degree of realism that is a signature Legacy Interactive game feature, Moon Tycoon demands that players build their cities while coping with the moon's extraterrestrial elements such as low gravity and an airless vacuum. As the game evolves through play, elements such as diplomatic and trade ties with Earth and Mars colonies, as well as sudden events and disasters such as asteroid impacts, introduce new situations for players to negotiate. With a multitude of potential scenarios and choices, Moon Tycoon promises a high degree of replay value, with ample surprises in store each time a new colony is launched.

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