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MICROSOFT Asherons Call 2 Fallen Kings PC

Asherons Call 2: Fallen Kings, PC CD-ROM
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MICROSOFT Asherons Call 2 Fallen Kings PC
Shape the course of an ever evolving world! Asherons call 2 is a next generation online-only role-playing game whee the world dynamically evolves with you. The land od Dereth has been devastated by a magical disaster. Now you and other players will reclaim and rebuild the land while encountering conquest, adventure and fellowship! Featuring an all-new graphics engine, combat system, and dynamic content system, you will experience a rich, engaging fantasy world where shaking changes sweep you along an epic story! Each month will bring new additions, the return of a forgotten land or a monster invasion perhaps?
You have the ability to impact the game world! Help to rebuild the land of Dereth and dertermine which cities and resouces are restored. Align your character with the kingdom of Chaos, Order or good to compete for resouces and against other players!
Players: 1
OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
CPU: 733 MHz
CD/DVD Drive: 4x
Ram: 256 MB
Disk Space: 2 GB
Sound Card: Direct X 8.1 Compatible
Graphics Card: 32 MB VRAM Direct X 8.1 Compatible
Multiplayer: Internet (TCP/IP 56 Kbps Modem or faster req) and LAN (TCP/IP or IPX) REQUIRED
Players are also required to pay a subscription fee to contect to the online service.

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