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MICROSOFT Military Collection PC

Military Collection - PC Game
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MICROSOFT Military Collection PC
"A fine collection of post-war military force!"
The Military Collection comprises 7 aircraft of the modern age - from the re-fuelling jet KC135 first launched in the 50ís to the ultra-modern 21st Century B-2 Spirit as seen in action in Afghanistan - fly these and others in this superb collection for FS2002 & 2004!
B-2 Spirit - A multi-role bomber with the ability to deliver conventional or nuclear weapons - the B-2 Spirit can penetrate the most sophisticated enemy defences.
Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight - Serving the US Military since the early 60ís the Sea Knight can carry up to 25 combat-loaded troops or be fitted to carry medical litters to evacuate wounded personnel.
F/A-18 Hornet - Both a fighter and attack aircraft, this was first launched in 1978 and used for escort and fleet air defence as well as force protection and close air support. The new design benefits from strengthened landing gear, upgraded engine and increased fuel capacity.
KC135-R Stratotanker - Mainly used for re-fuelling of the US military and allied aircraft this KC135 first flew in August 1956. Now modified with CFM-56 engines they are more fuel-efficient and 96% quieter than their forebears. (Insert image file kc135)
Bell OH-58 Kiowa - Chosen as winner of the its light observation helicopter competition in March 1968, the US planned to order 2000 of these aircraft. Similar to the Bell Jetranger 206A - it has a larger main rotor and different internal layout and electronics. (Insert image file Kiowa)
A-7D Corsair II - Used exhaustively in modern warfare, the A-7 carries an assortment of rockets, bombs, air to ground missile and much more. It has been involved in over 120,000 sorties in its lifetime. (Insert image file A-7_side)
S-3 Viking - The versatility of the S-3 allows it to hunt and destroy enemy submarines and also provide surveillance of surface ships. Its first flight took place in January 1972

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