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Mythica - PC Games
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Mythica is a new breed of massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that casts players in the role of an immortal in the mythological world of the Norse gods. As fallen heroes who have ascended to the afterlife, players set out across the Norse planes of existence on epic quests to earn their godhood. They will endure heroic trials, answer the prayers of the faithful, and eventually gather enough energy and worship to transcend their immortal present to realize a godly future. Standing side by side with the Norse gods of old, they'll attempt to hold back the Fire Giants on the plane of Muspellheim.
Mythica redefines the massively multiplayer category, combining the richness of a single-player role-playing game with the social experience of a massively multiplayer game.
Players can choose an adventure with a band of fellow players in huge public areas populated by other players or enter a Private Realm to take on handcrafted, individual quests with destructible environments, cinematics and engaging storylines Explore Playscapes.
Private Realms enable a whole new MMORPG experience called Playscapes.
Playscapes are sophisticated areas that change over time and contain multiple quest goals and interrelated objectives.
Great things are expected of fallen heroes who have become immortal: Players are imbued with godlike powers to dispel droves of menacing monsters with a single blow, or face off against creatures of legend such as the monstrous Midgard Serpent that will send players flying with one swoop
Build worship. Players answer the prayers of the mortal factions, whether they are human, the Alfar (elves) or the Dvergar (dwarves), who all seek greater powers to place their faith in and follow.
In return, each faction yields a special set of skills and resources Pledge allegiance to an Aesir patron god for special abilities, Using a new god-based class system.

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