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MICROSOFT Rise Of Nations Thrones And Patriots PC

Rise Of Nations: Thrones And Patriots - PC Games
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MICROSOFT Rise Of Nations Thrones And Patriots PC
The epic scope of turn-based strategy games meets the pulse-pounding action of real-time strategy games in this rich expansion for the PC GAME of the YEAR - Rise of Nations. The entire span of human history is in your hands as you build your nation, choose your form of government, and use a wealth of powerful strategies and new units to dominate your foes!
Lead One of 6 Additional Nations: American, Dutch, Indian, Iroquois, Lakota and Persian
Play 4 New Single-Player Campaigns: Alexander the Great, The New World, Napoleon, and The Cold War
Over 20 New Units and Weapons: Massive Persian War Elephants, American Marines, and more
Pick Your Government: Select the style of rule thatbest suits your nation`s goals, including monarchy and republic

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