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Monte Cristo 7 Sins PC

7 Sins PC - Game
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Monte Cristo 7 Sins PC
"In Apple City the objective is simple: starting from nothing you need to use your seduction talents to climb to the top of the heap. Power is what everyone craves and power over people is what you can grab. Through 7 Sins youll need to use your seduction skills and your talents as a slippery character to get that power, and why not have a little fun with the opposite sex on the way in this adventure/ life sim game with a loads of off the wall mini-games added to the mix...
7 Sins on PC Features:
* Starting out in a simple (if posh) shoe shop in Apple City its your job to move your way up the ladder, using people as rungs. Yes thats right youll be seducing your clientele and throwing them away when theyre no more use to you.
* With the help of some cheesy chat-up lines and some down right kinky propositions youll need to manipulate the other characters to an eventual adventure beneath the sheets.
* Each relationship has its own mix of seduction and its own special tasks to be completed for it to come to fruition. Of course, when we say special we mean that there are some people out in Apple City whove got some bloody odd tastes.
* Most of these games of seduction of course mean being particularly fake, well thats life, and it annoys your character. Youll need to manage his feelings through three bars: stress, excitement and anger, when these get too high then youll need to relieve yourself. And relieving yourself is where the mini-games come in: whether its watering the bosss plant (urine is good for that), coping an eyeful of your partner or taking her to Seventh Heaven theyre all a test of your skills.
* Funny character interaction, ludicrous mini-games and a suggestive rating thats off the chart 7 Sins, its one for the immature Latin Lover in all of us."

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