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Monte Cristo Dino Island PC

Dino Island for PC
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Monte Cristo Dino Island PC
Dino Island is a sim/managment game which lets you build your own dinosaur theme park. Although there are a number of rides and shops to entertain your guests with, the real attraction is your dinosaurs.
A large number of dinosaurs are available to choose from including the Tyrannosaurus, Gigantasaurus and Stegosaurus. But you can also cross breed these existing species to make your own brand new dinosaurs. The possibilities are endless.
You must put your dinos in enclosures for your guests to admire. It is amusing to watch your dinosaurs fight inside the enclosures.
You can also get them to put on shows including races and dino fights.
The graphics are impressive. The zoom is very powerful. You can start with a completely zoomed out view so you can see a map of your park, and then zoom right up close to a building in your park. The fun, 3D graphics are similar to Theme Park World, and general gameplay not unlike Zoo Tycoon.
You can play in Free mode or in Campaign mode, with a number of different missions of increasing difficulty.
It may take a while to get used to the gameplay and controls but the first Campaign is a tutorial to help you get used to the game.
Overall Dino Island is a fun game for all ages, a game that the whole family should be able to enjoy. If you like strategy games like the Sim and Tycoon games, Dino Island is well worth checking out

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