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NINTENDO Alice In Wonderland PC

Alice In Wonderland for PC
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NINTENDO Alice In Wonderland PC
Alice is a curious little girl who spots a strange white rabbit with a pocket watch. She follows the rabbit and an amazing adventure begins...
Children can travel 6,000 miles with Alice, to the centre of the earth where they'll meet all the famous Wond erland characters - Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and many more.
There are 10 different worlds to explore and a series of games and challenges to complete. As the adventure unfolds, children will learn to master Alice's size and collect obj ects that will be useful, in a bid to track down the mysterious white rabbit.
Educational Benefits:
Helps children to:
Problem solve, think logically, develop observation skills, improve listening skills, build concentration & memory.
Key Feat ures:
Based on the world famous book by Lewis Carroll.
10 magical, theatrical worlds, including the Hall of Doors, Rabbit's House and the Magic Garden.
10 Logic problems and riddles to solve.
10 action games to complete.
Over 10 hours of en chanting gameplay

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