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Novalogic Armored Fist 2.0 PC

Armored Fist 2.0 - PC Games
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Novalogic Armored Fist 2.0 PC
Over 50 challenging missions: Seize enemy bases, engage ground and air targets, call in artillery and air strikes, defend and capture territories.
Command your attack from a panoramic view of the battlefield or take charge of one of four in-tank stations (commander unbuttoned, commander buttoned, gunner, and driver).
Control multiple platoons and up to 32 tanks in a variety of battlefield locations--Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Revolutionary Voxel Space2 rendering technology creates fast, photo-realistic terrain and amazing atmospheric effects.
Combat environment has realistic objects: tanks, trucks, choppers, and planes featured in Dolby Surround.
Wage war against multiple players via modem, local area network, or the Internet.
Two modes of exciting game play--easy and realistic.
Live training footage from the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Centre at 29 Palms, California.

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