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Ravensoft Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix PC

Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix for PC
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Ravensoft Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix PC
10 single-player missions spanning 70 levels
Random scenario generator
DM and Team DM multiplayer modes
14 realistic world weapons and 10 grenades
Real world locations and environments
Detailed characters and weapons
Snow, rain and fog effects
Parental lockout and violence level controls
Cinematic-quality action story
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix sees players assume the identity of John Mullins - weapons specialist, anti-terrorist mercenary and military consultant -who embarks upon a transcontinental mission to defeat a new and insidious world threat in the form of a bio-terrorist organisation in possession of a two-pronged Gemini Virus. Waging full frontal assaults, using stealth and subterfuge and with an array of sub-machine guns, assault rifles and grenades at your disposal, your objective is to stop the terrorists and destroy the virus before it`s unleashed on humanity.

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