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SCI Conflict Desert Storm II PC

Conflict Desert Storm II - PC Games (Barcode EAN = 5050740020986).
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SCI Conflict Desert Storm II PC
Following the activities of the toughest squad in the Special Forces, Conflict: Desert Storm II takes you a further 300km behind enemy lines. As A-Squadron, you will be tasked with the most critical missions and dangerous assignments.Your objectives: to eliminate the Chemical Warfare, Supergun and Scud threat posed by the enemy, and to eject the last die-hard elements of the elite Republican Guard from their fortified positions inside Kuwait City.
Your missions centre on pivotal events in what is now termed the Mother of all Battles. Your campaign consists of 10 missions and begins with an urgent call for rescue. A Delta Force UH 60 Blackhawk has been shot down in a heavily fortified town, you must head on foot to rescue the survivors, repel a heavy infantry assault and cover the Search &Rescue helicopter as it evacuates the survivors.
After being captured by a Republican Guard platoon during the strike on Victor-2, a heavily guarded Communications facility vital to the enemy, you must devise a plan for escape and evasion. Facing obstacles that will test even the toughest veteran, make your way to the nearest Allied border over 100km away. Should you survive the gruelling conditions, the relentless pursuit and the shattering assaults by heavy artillery, your final campaign will see you spearheading the Allied Forces' attempt to liberate Kuwait city, and a frantic struggle to prevent an ecological disaster amid the burning hell of the Kuwaiti oil fields.
A Squadron takes you 300km further behind enemy lines, testing your nerve, skill and bravery to the very limit.
Your elite squad - Team Leader, Combat Engineer, Sniper and Heavy Weapons Specialist - are your only men. Their skills are unmatched and irreplaceable.
Outmanoeuvre the enemy with tactics, stealth and high-powered combat in 10 gruelling missions.
Equipped with more vehicles, equipment and weapons, your squad is armed to the teeth for the hardest challenge of their careers.
Graphically and technologically enhanced Conflict: Desert Storm II is stunning in presentation and unsurpassed in playability.

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