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Sierra Empire Earth Gold Edition PC

Empire Earth: Gold Edition, PC Games
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Sierra Empire Earth Gold Edition PC
Rewrite 500,000 years of history with the ultimate strategy collection! Go beyond the ages - lead a civilization, conquer your enemies and forge the greatest empire the earth has ever known. Mastermind a civilisations glorious rise to power through a period of human history. Explore breath taking maps randomly generated by an incredible 3D game engine.
OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP CPU: 350 MHz (400+ MHz Recommended)
CD/DVD Drive: 4x Ram: 64 MB (128 for 2K/XP Recommended)
Disk Space: 550 MB
Sound Card: Direct X 8.1 Compatible
Graphics Card: 4 MB VRAM (8 Recommended)
Multiplayer: Internet (TCP/IP 56 Kbps Modem or faster req) and LAN (TCP/IP or IPX) supported

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