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Sold Out Range Archipelagos 2000 PC

Archipelagos 2000 - PC Games
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Sold Out Range Archipelagos 2000 PC
Imagine a game without violence, yet as chilling as abandoned places where people have died and never returned. Imagine the disembodied spirits of their tormented souls, carried by nothing more than the wind, as they weave their bloodthirsty dance along the waters edge... When it was originally released in 1989, Archipelagos caused quite a stir in the PC, Atari ST and Amiga gaming communities. Its unique gameplay and revolutionary 3D environment wowed both journalists and gameplayers alike. Critical acclaim and massive sales soon followed. A decade later, the digital dust has been brushed aside & simple two-dimensional graphics become fully animated, three-dimensional bodies, the old 3D environment transformed into a living, breathing world full of colour, sound, and atmosphere. New technology has arrived and breathed new life into Archipelagos. It has been reborn. Now, as then, Archipelagos 2000 is a completely new sort of game, so extraordinary it defies classification. It is the experienc

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