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Sold Out Range Broken Sword 2 PC

Broken Sword 2 - PC Games (Barcode EAN = 5037999003076).
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Sold Out Range Broken Sword 2 PC
Once again in Broken Sword II you're walking in the shoes of George Stobbard, the jack-of-all-trades American who saved the world in the first Broken Sword game. Nico, Stobbard's prissy French girlfriend, has been kidnapped, and it's up to you to help him escape from a burning house and track down the girl's abductors.
But more importantly, you must figure out exactly what's going on. Indeed, this story is about more than just girlfriends and poisonous spiders--you'll run into CIA agents, cocaine lords, power-hungry dictators, mysterious scientists, Mayan artefacts, fallen priests, powerful shamans and other oddball characters who are all extremely good at muddling the plot. Like all good mysteries, once you think you've got a good handle on exactly what's going on, the game yanks your theories out from under you and tosses you back to square one.
Whatever your goal, you'll do plenty of travelling. The game starts in Paris, moves around France a bit, then it's off to Mexico, the Caribbean, London and back again. Not only does this variety give you a great change of scenery every few hours, but it also lets the game introduce distinctly different characters. Instead of spending all your in-game time as Stobbard, there are parts of the game where you assume the role of Nico herself. This makes the game more interesting as Nico has an entirely different way of dealing with people and situations.
While there are tons of items and puzzles in Broken Sword II, you won't find yourself stuck in any scenario for any lengthy amount of time. Still, there are plenty of creative things to do with all the common items you stumble across in the game, and people looking for at least one or two challenging puzzles will find them. Like its predecessor, the graphics in Broken Sword II are all hand drawn. Still, the backgrounds are well detailed and creative, and the graphical style is a refreshing break from the recent uprising of polygons.--

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