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Sold Out Range Giants Citizen Kabuto PC

Giants: Citizen Kabuto - PC Games
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Sold Out Range Giants Citizen Kabuto PC
Experience intense strategic action while battling as the Meccaryns, the Sea Reapers or Kabuto: this island isn't big enough for the three of them!
Kabuto is simply too large, too brutal and too hungry to co-exist with any other living creature on the island. Using his outrageous size and savage jaws, Kabuto will show the other two races who's at the top of the food chain.
Choose one of three races to battle across twenty-five islands rendered in full 3D, all beautifully detailed unlike any game environment you've ever experienced!
Manipulate the native Smarties to construct a bigger base, provide better weapons, create more powerful spells or just use them as a source of power-ups.
Hours and hours of pulse-pounding, story-driven single-player campaign, complete with outrageous cut-scenes.
Multiplayer Mayhem! Choose your favourite species or divide into teams for co-operative play. Battle up to 10 players over LAN or the Internet via TCP/IP.
Battle from 1st or 3rd person perspective in addition to the revolutionary "Kabuto Mouth-Cam" and "Foot Stomp/Crunch" view.

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