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Sold Out Range Kao The Kangaroo PC

Kao The Kangaroo (for PC)
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Sold Out Range Kao The Kangaroo PC
Kao the Kangaroo is a hind leg-stomping, third person 3D-arcade adventure featuring an energetic marsupial with overdeveloped hindquarters and an eye for a fight. Armed with comedy-sized boxing gloves, Kao the Kangaroo hops, skips and thumps his way across 25 incredible landscapes.
Game features include:
• 25 colourful landscapes within five completely different worlds.
• 20 different enemies including scary bosses, hell-bent on "huntin' him down, mate."
• Loads of vehicles for Kao to use: hang gliders, motorboats, snowboards and space scooters!
• Dynamic camera angles and an innovative checkpoint system.
• Brilliantly shot real-time movies.
• Unique audio tracks for every level produce an intriguing playing environment and add to the seamless storyline

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