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Sold Out Range Severance Blade Of Darkness PC

Severance Blade Of Darkness - PC Games
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Sold Out Range Severance Blade Of Darkness PC
By Steel Will Thy Flesh Divide
Become the champion of Ianna: As Tukaram of the Irkanois, Sargon of the King`s Knights, Zoe the Adventuress or Naglfar the Dwarf, hack and slay through this gore fest quest to save the world from the forces of chaos...
Superb A.I Innumerable enemies use traditional melee combat techniques against you.
Stunning, richly detailed fantasy world. Real-time lighting casts eerie and terrifying shadows.
Unrivalled blood and gore combat engine. Hack off an Enemy`s limb, then thrash him with it!
Deep, death-defying adventure through treacherous tombs, demon spires and frozen fortresses.
Learn devastatingly fluid combo attacks and use them to slice your enemies to pieces.
Scores of vicious enemies
Over 100 Unique weapons each with individual attacks to be learnt.

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