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Sold Out Range Sim City 3000 PC

Sim City 3000 [Uk Edition] - PC Games
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Sold Out Range Sim City 3000 PC
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Build your perfect city in the UK, Europe, Asia or North America.
Create and control your urban empire with more power than ever before. With SimCity 3000 UK Edition, you get all the great features of the original SimCity 3000 plus much more. Expand your SimCities with new building sets from Asia and Europe... but more importantly the UK.
Choose from a selection of UK and Worldwide landmarks to recreate the city of your choice. Take on 14 challenging scenarios or create your own with the SimCity Scenario Creator including saving London from the Great Fire. Now is your chance to truly change the face of your favourite cities as you know them.
- Select hundreds of building from SimCity 3000 and new UK, European and Asianbuildings.
- Play 14 challenging scenarios or make your own with the SimCity Scenario Creator.
- Inflict numerous disasters including - riots, toxic clouds, plague of locusts, space junk and a whirlpool.
- Create unique masterpieces for your metropolis with the Building Architect Tool Plus.
- Customise your terrain with the UK countryside, sprawling deserts and redwood forests.
SimCity 3000 UK Edition is based on SimCity 3000 World Edition with the ad

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