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Sold Out Range Starsiege PC

Starsiege - PC Games
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Sold Out Range Starsiege PC
A Whole New Universe of 3D Combat Sim.
The year is 2829. For decades, the Empire has gathered its forces, rebuilding after the last Earthsiege, preparing its Hercs, monsters of metal and power, fo the next Cybird invasion. This time is near, yet humans are not united. This is Starsiege. What will be thier destiny?
Battle through an incredibly rich universe, with 45 single player and multiplayer missions.
Unprecedented terain detail in 9 unique planetary environments.
Over 40 futuristic weapons to choose from, and more than 35 Hercs and tanks to pilot.
Hightly optimized software renderer for great graphics wthout a 3D card.
Advance 3D accelerator support for 3Dfx and Open GL.

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