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TAKE 2 Chrome PC

Chrome - PC Games
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TAKE 2 Chrome PC
Chrome will hurl gamers into a futuristic world of industrial espionage, sabotage and ruthless corporations. Players will assume the role of Bolt Logan, an ex Special Forces soldier, whose twisted criminal past as one of the galaxiesí most hardened mercenaries has sent him to the Valkyria Galaxy in search of work. Searching for an income and driven by desperation, the unsuspecting Bolt becomes embroiled in a struggle between giant corporations, pirates and colonists.
Featuring some of the most vast and diverse game environments ever seen, players will find themselves shooting through 14 missions set across five worlds, in dense jungle conditions, perilous desert canyons and game environments hammered by violent weather conditions. In order to survive they will need to take control of land, sea and air-based vehicles to transport them around the sprawling game environments, in addition to a huge arsenal of high-tech weaponry, navigation l instruments and implants.
Combining an expansive single-player game with a variety of multi-player experiences, a mission based mode, Team Fights and Deathmatch, Chrome is set to become a new benchmark in futuristic first-person shooters.

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