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TAKE 2 Civilization IV Beyond The Sword PC

Civilization IV - Beyond The Sword - PC Game
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TAKE 2 Civilization IV Beyond The Sword PC
The massive universe of 2005s PC Game of the Year just became more epic. Sid Meiers Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword delivers more core gameplay and scenario content than any other Civ expansion in history. Now weve included everything in the world... and then some.
More Civ than ever: With a massive increase of 10 civilizations, 64 buildings, 11 scenarios, 5 wonders, 6 technologies, corporations, a brand new espionage system and expanded trade routes, Beyond the Sword is a must-have expansion pack to the greatest strategy franchise of all time.
Scenarios - Expect the Unexpected: 11 additional scenarios include settling new worlds in Final Frontier, battling zombies in Afterworld, conquering medieval Western Europe in Charlemagne, and more...
Advanced Starts: For the first-time ever, launch a game in later eras with this new feature that allows you to purchase units, cities, improvements, and technologies to start your game.
Unstoppable Corporations: Found your own corporation and spread its influence as another tool to gain control over the world.

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