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TAKE 2 Kiss Psycho Circus PC

Kiss Psycho Circus - PC Games
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TAKE 2 Kiss Psycho Circus PC
KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is an intense first-person shooter based on the rich world created by Todd McFarlane in his bestselling KISS Psycho Circus comic books. The world of the Psycho Circus comes alive with vivid, combat-heavy environments, a wall of audio, and more eye candy than a KISS concert.
The game plunges four hastily recruited heroes into a demonic world of mystery and horror, where they must battle the hideous freaks of nature spawned by the dreams of The Nightmare Child. The player begins as a mere mortal and progressively acquires the powers of The Elder, the supernatural alter egos of KISS. The Elder, embodied through Demon, Starbearer, Beast King, and Celestial, must together prevent the unraveling of the cosmos.
The nightmare minions are largely split into three groups: horde creatures, circus mutants, and bosses. The hordes have their strength in numbers and come at you by the truckload; the circus thugs are stronger, smarter, and possess special abilities that vary depending on their profession. At the heart of each realm is a nightmarish boss who puts your powers to the ultimate test.

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