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THQ Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius PC

Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius for PC
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THQ Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius PC
Jimmy Neutron is a boy genius who stars in Nickelodeon and Paramount Picture's upcoming animated motion picture, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. After occasionally saving the world from total destruction, Jimmy likes to hang out with his robot dog Goddard and his best friend Carl Wheezer. In Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genuis for the PC, players can take control of Jimmy through six huge levels including Jimmy’s neighborhood, his school, the local amusement park, and others before a final secret level is revealed. In his quest to occasionally save the world, Jimmy along with his robot dog, Goddard, utilize cool gadgets such as a jet pack backpack, a rocket ship, a shrink ray gun, and even transform Goddard into a scooter. Gameplay features will encompass the ability to fly, drive, and hop around in a gravity bubble.

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