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UBI SOFT Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf PC

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf, PC CD-ROM
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UBI SOFT Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf PC
Battle Realms is a fantasy, real-time strategy game inspired by Japanese mythology and traditional kung-fu cinema. The depth of the Battle Realms mythology intertwines stories from several clans, each with its own unique origin and culture. Winter of the Wolf takes place seven years prior to the events in the original Battle Realms and accounts the proud Wolf peoples rise from oppression and slavery under the Lotus Clan. The Wolf Clans rise to power occurs over the course of twelve all-new scenarios.
As heroic Wolf leader Grayback, players must journey through dark mines and snowbound forests to free the clan from the tyranny of the Lotus Mages, and save the land from a fierce, magical winter. Eight new expansion units and four new Zen Masters bring expanded strategic options to each clan. An epic storyline provides continuity and depth to the Battle Realms universe, with a historic tale of the Wolf Clans struggle for independence.
Classic Wolf Clan weapons gain extra functionality as puzzle-solving elements, becoming useful for breaking chains, smashing stone blockades, or burning away explosive gas. A winter setting offers new opportunities to enrich the living world with details like slowed rice growth, steamy breath, and footprints left in snow. Improved interface functionality streamlines combat control and unit management. Continued high-quality gameplay, presentation and innovation in the popular RTS genre. Improved multiplayer interface for easy matchmaking. Up to 8 players over the Internet or LAN

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